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Big Fez and the Surfmatics

Dressed in black suits, dark sunglasses and fez, Big Fez & the Surfmatics claims to have first hit the surf music scene in 1960. Due to musical differances, the band broke up in 1966, and has re-formed to bring the sound of the surf into the 21st century.

In real life, Johnny Fez is John Haggerty (6 and 12 string electric guitar and vocals). John has spent over 20 years touring the United States and Ireland in one of America’s top Irish rock bands, Hair of the Dog. (Billboard Magazine has called them “one of Irish music’s biggest sellers”). During his off hours from Big Fez you can find him performing with his new Irish band Get Up Jack.

JB Fez is John “JB” Guay (drums, percussion and vocals). JB spent the early 80’s touring the Northeast and Canada with  the classic rock/original band Bad Habit. JB later played in Oz, a New York- based wedding and party band, and most recently played with classic rock band Hung Jury.

Mikey Fez is Mike McLean (bass and vocals) actor /musician. Mike was a founding member of Irish group, The Porters. He also currently plays upright bass with Americana/Country Blues recording artist, The Red Haired Strangers. Mike’s acting credits include the movie “Ironweed” (with Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep) as well as auditioned for the New York City Opera Company.

Knickerbocker Fez is Crick Diefendorf (guitar,steel drums and vocals). Crick is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, and has been a professional musician and music educator since 1987. Crick is proficient in all styles of American popular music (jazz, country, rock adn R&B) and well versed in African, Latin, Asian and European music. He co-founded the Boston-based eclectic acoustic band, Made In The Shade that performed through the U.S. and Europe.  Crick can also be found performing with other popular bands Get Up Jack, and the Skip Parson’s Riverboat Jazz Band.